Renting information

Renting information for customers:

The occupant must be at least 20-years old. He/she must provide contact information for billing purposes. Children under 20 – years as occupants must always be with parents or adults not less than 20 – years of age.

Booking is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment of (150 euros) by the due date. The total payment must be paid 4 weeks prior to rental date. If the rental period begins within 7 days, then all charges must pay immediately on the same day of reservation day. Note that all bank charges are taken care of by the customer.

In case of any reservations complications related issues, the owner can cancel the reservation. In that case the customer gets the whole payment back.
Cancellation must be made at least 14 days before the start of the reservation. In case the customer does not cancel his/her reservation 14 days before the supposed rent date, the customer losses his/her paid deposit of (150 euro ).


Cancellation must be made by e-mail or telephone. Advance payment is charged for cancellation if there are no other reservations at the booked time.
Cancellation can also be made without prior notice, if the advance payment is not made by the due date.


Bringing animals to the cottage is forbidden. There are bed – sheets, pillows cases and blankets at the cottage. The use of these items are included in the total cost of staying in the cottage. They must be left in the laundry after use.

The cottage (Posion Petäjä ) must be handed over in the same condition as it  was at the time of stay. If the cottage is not cleaned after use, the landlord will charge the customer for extra cleaning services. The key must be left outside into the key box. It can be found on the left side of the main door.

Smoking is permitted outside at the pointed site. Smoking inside the cottage is forbidden.
Hand - over days are Saturdays. The customer must leave the cottage at 12:00. Check-in time at 16.00. Weekends or different rental times must be agreed separately. In case occupant wants to stay longer than the agreed period then the occupant has to inform the owner on time for easy arrangement.


Altogether there are rooms for 6 +2 people . It is not allowed to invite more than the agreed number of persons into the cottage without the owners notice.

The cottage should not be submitted or transferred to third person.
All faults in the cottage’s equipment or environment must be reported immediately to the landlord.


The customer is liable for any damages caused in the cottage. In the event of fire on any major damages, the customer is liable for own coverage part of the total cost of the damage caused. Using tents or caravans at the cottage site is not allowed without the landlord’s permission. Damages caused or generated intentionally by the occupant will totally be paid by the occupant.